This beautiful French style doré bronze pierced basket is intricately decorated with roses and swag throughout. Monogrammed M on one side and at the top of the handle. Original curved glass insert.
Perfect for wedding flowers, flower girl, bridal bouquets.
Measures: 14" H x 8" W.
Glass: 4.5" D x 8" W x 5.5" H.
This beautiful diamond shaped crystal insert has a fluted bottom and cut crystal
border which is scalloped. The doré bronze basket is decorated with figural heads, fine etched details floral decorated handle and finished with gilt bows.
Insert: 4" W x 8" L x 2.25" H.
Basket: 9" L x 5.5" W x 9" H.

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Wonderful antique doré bronze basket with basket weave diamond pattern decorated with roses and floral throughout. The crystal insert has folded thick edge along the liner edge and pretty scroll and floral etched pattern.Perfect for bridal , flower girl basket....
Measures: 12.5" H x 7.75" W x 7.25" D.
Wonderful antique centerpiece doré bronze open weave basket with floral bows and curved crystal glass insert.
Measures: 12.5" H x 10" D x 9.75" W.
Insert: 7.5" W x 10" L x 7" D.